News from Pearlfrog

The Sullivan-Bishop Agency LLC is on a tear.  We are thrilled to tell you about our changes.

But, changes not-withstanding, there are these constants… Allen will continue to knock it out of the park with all that he does for this territory.  As a partner in our agency, he provides us vision as well as his uniquely boundless energy and enthusiasm to complement and shape our evolution… Tony Lee is our backbone, our manager for every must do initiative.  We are blessed that Tony contributes his all so able and on point efforts to our success…And Zach is our future, smart and motivated.

Mike said to Allen some months ago that “seat of the pants doesn’t get us best in class anymore.”  If Pearlfrog is going to genuinely be an asset to their retailers and to their vendors then we have to be newer, we have to be smarter, we have to be more thorough and more involved.  We have always endeavored to improve our contribution to your business.  Here are our next steps…

Gotta love technology!  We've partnered with Peter Pawlus at REPatron to help upgrade our internal sales agency systems and b2b website(s).  We are in the midst of it already (does it ever really end?) and have launched our new website if you want to check it out. Peter spent 14 years in bicycle retail and then went to get his tech on while working at Google. Our agency will be a testbed for new tech as we continue to grow and innovate for our retailers and our brand partners. Stay tuned!!

Brad Frenette joined us in January as a dedicated tech rep.  Our agency tech rep is a key member of our team and represents our commitment to excellent service in your store.  Brad was so good at his job we felt compelled to give him more responsibility and more room to grow by making him a writing rep, managing his own account list.  Some of you have already worked with Brad in his new role this booking go-around.

Our next big move has been to add Katie Roberts to the agency.  This is big, big news!  Katie comes to us from SmartWool where she was the Sales Operations Specialist.  She was a key member of Ops and is going to be missed at SmartWool.  We did not steal her; we were just here when she wanted to make a change.  Katie brings analytical skills and dealer services experience that will transform how Pearlfrog assists you with inventory management, sales turn trending, open order analysis and general operational liaison duties.  If you have been working with Liz, on September 1 you will begin working with Katie.

Thanks Liz !

Thanks Liz !

Liz Campbell moves on and will retire from our hectic world to the more placid world she surely has earned.  Thank you Liz, you saved our bacon with your contribution.

But there is more news yet.  Allen, Sue and I are delighted to announce that Rob Morales has joined Sullivan-Bishop as a principal member of the agency.  Many of you know Rob; he has been a prominent person in the outdoor market in Texas for many years.  I have known Rob for perhaps twenty years.  He was a store manager and buyer for Whole Earth Provision Co.  He eddied out of our business for a while to be a full time Dad until he came back to the business with Backwoods, as a buyer, as Purchasing Director and finally as Backwoods COO.  Rob has decided to move his chair to the other side of the table as a rep.  Pearlfrog is indeed blessed that a talent as able as Rob would join us.

Rob will work from the Wimberley office, sharing the space with Mike, Sue, Zach, Dolly and Winston.  He will be working very closely with Allen, Mike and Sue as the agency reinvents itself.  

Folks, the Sullivans are on the slippery slope to retirement.  We are taking this understudy approach to our transition to provide a seamless change-over.  Allen, Mike and Sue will school Rob in the ways of our world and the what and the why of where we are.  Rob will bring the agency a bright new outlook and modern skills that will splice with Allen’s extraordinary acumen collected over this decade plus.  Sue and I will bring forty years of experience and all the wounds and wins that means and we…Allen, Rob, Sue and I will weave all this together to reinvent this agency.


Contact information:

Rob Morales, 512-964-8452,,
Katie Roberts, 970-819-6285,

Allen Bishop,
Mike Sullivan,
Sue Sullivan,
Tony Lee,
Zach Weyerman,
Brad Frenette,