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“The loom is a blank canvas for me that builds onto itself until, the color and texture take on a life of their own.”

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Sue Anne Sullivan

I am a color, fiber, texture weaver currently obsessed with stitch and felting. Born into a family of needle artists, I have been making “a textile something” since my first embroidery sampler was put into my hands at age 12. Handwork has been a necessary part of my everyday life ever since. It has taken various forms; samplers, collage, wall hangings, woven shawls, scarves, vessels, and dolls, over the years, in a wonderful randomness that has expressed who I am. I was trained in classic technical weaving on an eight harness Le Clerc loom with a double beam in the back. During a period in which that loom had to be stored while my husband and I sojourned in Dallas, where I picked up webbing, climbing rope and accessory cord, along with new found elements to create stitched landscapes to fill my creative need.


The Le Clerc came back into my studio as our houses got bigger. Years later when I sold it to a weaver friend it was like saying good-by to a dear relative. I did that because I was awhirl in the possibilities of pin looms. I spent some years making and selling luscious shawls and scarves. Then one day I removed woven work from a pin loom and decided to shrink it in the wash. Aha! A new medium, felt. Felt and stitch have become my oil and canvas, my glaze and clay. Stitch has taken felt down a new path and I feel I’ve come full circle to my original loves. Taking time to experiment with stitches has added a new dimension to my studio practice and I can’t wait to see where this is all headed.


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