The State of Hand Stitch

Kim Paxson,  In Need pf Repair

Kim Paxson, In Need pf Repair

Sue Anne Sullivan,  Close Quarters

Sue Anne Sullivan, Close Quarters

Lucia LaVilla-Havelin,  Zero Tolerance

Lucia LaVilla-Havelin, Zero Tolerance

By JASMINA WELLINGHOFF, Editor – Arta Alive San Antonio

“Many contemporary artists are exploring new media through which to express themselves while others are discovering new ways to use traditional techniques and materials for the same purpose. An example of the latter is the use of hand stitching to create art which bears little resemblance to traditional embroidery.

A group of 11 such artists will be featured in “The State of Hand Stitch – New Embroidery by Texas Artists” opening June 5 at the UTSA Main Art Gallery, on the university’s 1604 campus.

“The basic techniques of traditional embroidery stitches – chain stitch, buttonhole stitch, running stitch, sattin stitch, cross stitch – remain the fundamental techniques of hand embroidery today,” said Kim Paxson, the exhibit organizer and one of the participating artists. “In fiber art, stitch refers to a single turn of loop of thread or yarn.”

In addition, the aim of the artists is very different. They are not after beautiful tapestries or fine clothing. They have things to say, both visually and thematically.”

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