Texan Women ‘Paint with Thread,’ Showcase Embroidery at UTSA Art Gallery

Posted By Brittany Wagner

Eleven Texan female artists challenge the notion that embroidery is simply “women’s work” with the exhibit, “The State of Hand Stitch: New Embroidery by Texas Artists,” now on display at UTSA through Aug. 9. 

The art varies in size, textures, subjects and materials, but is united by the common thread of needlework. Walking into the gallery, one is immediately overwhelmed by the saturated colors and unusual materials of more than 40 pieces of artwork. The composition and themes vary, but each piece is undeniably emotional and deeply personal to its creator. For example, where Lucia LaVilla-Havelin uses single stitch to illustrate scenes out of her own family’s oral history, Sue Anne Sullivan employs thick wool and felt to create colorful, challenging abstractions. 

Scott Sherer, director of the UTSA Art Gallery, said the diversity in themes and materials used by the artists appealed to the selection committee because it challenges visitors. 

“The artists follow a range of abstract and representational modes, with exquisite detail and bold compositions,” Sherer said. “Across the exhibition, viewers are challenged and pleased with the dynamic relationships between intimacy and bold statements.” 

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Amarin Cannon